About Us


ChipperTimes is the start of an idea. It's the beginning of a new wave of targeted news and content.

We want to let the world know that happy news exists.


It has become the trend for journalistic news sites to invoke fear and negativity to make you pay attention and stay hooked upon their headlines and content. This isn't what you'd describe as part of a utopia, in any of the world, but it's part of a dystopia. 

We've had enough. We at Chipper have had enough. So we're going to try our best and make positive and happy content. We want to usurp the big players in Journalism. We want to transform their ideals in the process to include happy news as well as informing people of the truth.

We can't do this alone. We need you. Tell your friends, your family, bring it up in casual conversations, let them know that happy news exists and that we're only a click away. Help spread this change, this transformation. The more people we reach, the bigger the message we can deliver.

We're just a collective of Journalists who have had enough. We think everyone else has had enough. Let us handle the hard work. We'll leave the spreading of our message to you.

We're counting on you.