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Growing Up British: 16 of the Best Memories

How many of these do you remember?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we won the nationality lottery when growing up British. Americans tend to be shouting the loudest about their freedoms and lives, but did they have SM:TV Live? No. Jog on, America. Any other countries want to make their case for the best childhood, feel free. But there’s stuff competition.

Here are 16 of the best things about Growing up British.

1. This thing we all still do and will never be able to stop

2. This oddly springy contraption 

You sure didn’t feel like royalty if you were sat on the ends…

3. This remarkable advancement in writing technology

4. The ultimate mark of respectability

5. These Dons

6. This PhD level science

7. Just…these…

Be honest, you didn’t know how to make these and were convinced anyone that did personally knew Harry Potter.

8. The greatest pen ever created

These and fine-liners were the best form of validation you could ever get in school.

9. The finest television show ever broadcast

“Jungle skill: Dance”

10. The other greatest television show ever to broadcast

11. The hardest surface known to man

They should seriously make roads out of these

12. What we all wished sports day would be like

How were all the kids so bad at Way of the Warrior? IS POLYSTYRENE THAT HARD TO GET PAST?

13. This battle of schools which had much more st stake than the Oxbridge boat race

I’m about to graduate and can confirm this statement is true.

14. Your complete shopping list

“I’ve circled everything I want mum. Try and find them”

15. Something which is severely lacking on the NHS

16. Classroom hierarchies

Apologies to anyone now looking back on their childhood and remembering nothing but filthy whiteboards


I forgot my Netflix and email passwords so spend every day dreading the moment my computer asks me to type them in. Character references include: "I'm not sure you ever stop talking"- my gran; "You're nice when you remember to have emotions"- my dad, and; "You are so awesome I don't know where to start"- me
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