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Twitter: 18 of the Best Reasons to Keep It


There’s no denying it, Twitter is major in our lives (let’s casually ignore reports that it’s failing). Users have 140 characters for comedy gold, tragedy or a good ol’ fashioned moan. Users took to the platform to confess exactly why they can’t let it go and we’ve gathered some of the best examples:

1. Because we all kinda suck at being humans

2. Because it is a strange and wondrous place

3. Because we get to keep our faces the same shape

4. We’re typing into the void but it’s satisfying as hell

5. Twitter is there to be a shoulder to cry on when nobody else cares

To be fair, Tumblr also exists and is well-prepared for your mental breakdowns when bands split up and shows get cancelled.

6. Still just shouting into that void…

7. Other social media can’t meet such specific needs

Thanks for not judging me for 20 updates in a day. All of them about choosing lunch.

8. It saves your neighbours

From experience, doing this is not a good idea. No matter how long the internet has been down for.

9. our attention span definitely has shorter limit

Hopefully this is not actually true for you. Or you’ve tried to condense the meaning of life to a couple of sentences. Perhaps just one. Netflix and chill.

10. #PoliticalBants

11. Because this may be an actual valid point

Has anyone ever read them? Can you confirm if the only way out is death?

12. Because this is all of our dreams

13. Because this is also totally true

If they start writing down usernames of all people responsible for world peace, don’t you want @BenandJerryAreBaes* to be in there?

*I have not checked if that is someone’s username

14. Because this is so totally true don’t test it

15. Because it is saving us all from the cost of a failed business

16. because there has never been a truer word spoken/ typed

17. Because, sadly, none of us are Jesus

But if you have more than 12 followers you’ve already got him beat.

18. Because it does have some seriously good uses

A bit of a serious note to end on but it’s a nice point to remember. Please stay around for a little longer, Twitter. You are so excellent for wasting time.


I forgot my Netflix and email passwords so spend every day dreading the moment my computer asks me to type them in. Character references include: "I'm not sure you ever stop talking"- my gran; "You're nice when you remember to have emotions"- my dad, and; "You are so awesome I don't know where to start"- me
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