Warning: We do not accept responsibility of face injuries brought on by smiling too much

Nobody is invincible when they have a bad day. Stuff happens and life can be a bit tough. However, it’s our jobs to try our best to make your day a little bit happier. So we’ve amassed this list of Webm’s (pretty much high qaulity gifs where you have to click play) to give you a smile. Honestly, if you look at all of these, I don’t see how you’ll not smile. So here we go!

1. Suryia smushing her tiger cubs



2. What happens when men surprise women with puppies.


3. A kid gets a bundle subscription of puppies.


4. Bear waves goodbye like a gentlemen.


5. Watch a baby Koala looking adorable.


6. Watch a Domestic Fox greet its owner.



7. Watch a Football (Soccer) Referee mess up.



8. Watch Sea Lions give wonderful boops.



9. Watch a kid meet his hero.



10. Watch an adorable little girl try to be angry.


11. This dog receives the best birthday ever.


12. Even Dads get excited about their daughters pregnancy when nobody is looking.

13. Son gives his Dad tickets to his first ever soccer game.

14. Crowd joins in with a players warm-up stretches.

15. When you know you’ve smashed your lift.

16. Watch a horse try and nibble on a cameraman.

17. Watch a squad of deadly kittens chase down their prey.

18. Little girl sees her first train!





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