Happiness is a thought away.

The legendary pursuit of happiness is something that we all have sought in life. Some of us see this as the ultimate end goal, some of us see it as something that just.. well.. happens. In no way is this a bad thing, I mean, the expectation or even the seeking of happiness is a noble goal and should be encouraged, especially if you know your own path! Make sure to share it with people who may need your guidance!

I want you to think about something. Where does happiness come from? Is it from possessions? The smile of a little loved one? You could say both, depending on the person. Is happiness available to everyone? Chipper thinks so! Here’s why!

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Let’s establish something here. We all think happiness is achieved by meeting some sort of criteria. A few examples would be:


  1. Buying a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, the most expensive car ever sold.
  2. Creating a massive family of little nippers to scutter around and speak little musings such as “Mama, why is there an ocean in the sky?”
  3. Hearing that a second season of Firefly was filmed but never released and now they’re releasing it (pftsh, I wish).
  4. Diving into your favourite fandom and reading every single factoid to do with that bounty hunter that did that thing in that space movie.
  5. Ordering the biggest chocolate cake you can find and it tastes exactly as it looks!


You might see a certain pattern in the list above. I’ll tell you what it is.

There is no one path to happiness.

Now I’m not going to leave you even more confused as to how to achieve happiness, that aint the Chipper way. Instead, I’ll give you the short description, plain and simple. 

Happiness is made up by the brain. It’s a response to stimulation! That’s it!

I learnt this through a lot of soul searching. The brain can be manipulated through simply saying “I’m happy” and forcing a smile. Try it! Might no seem like such a big thing to do but self affirmation is a very powerful thing and should be abused maliciously!

If it worked, congrats! I’ll chalk this up to a win for Chipper! Tell your friends if this simple, and I mean simple, brain hack worked for you and you know it can work for them. If it didn’t then send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll gladly talk about happiness with you. Depending on the volume of emails, I may not be able to reply to everyone instantaneously but I’ll try my best.

If this post had any effect on you, share it with a friend who you think would benefit from reading this. That’s all from ChipperTimes!




Just a normal guy trying to make the world a tiny bit happier. Broadcast Journalism graduate with a multitude of skills. I created Chipper with my friends for one purpose and one purpose alone. To balance the negative news stimuli that fills out your screens. I also love breaded chicken products and milky drinks.
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