Gorillaz have quit monkeying around and are back for a fifth album!

Everyone’s favourite cartoon gorilla collective, Gorillaz, are back in the studio, hopefully to make us feel good again like they did back in 2005 with Feel Good Inc.

Back when I was a little 10-year-old boy I can vividly remember being dragged around a HMV store as my mum looked through albums and what not. At this time in my life I hadn’t really developed a ‘taste’ for music, I just loved watching cartoons and playing Crash Bandicoot. So you can imagine my astonishment when I stumbled across Gorillaz’ second album, Demon Days. I pleaded my mum to get it me telling her it wouldn’t be a waste of money, and indeed, I was correct, it wasn’t.  Since then I have adored Gorillaz and anything they have released.

gorillaz chip 1

The Gorillaz (credit: http://nabisga.deviantart.com/art/gorillaz-NG-530171027)

2016 sees the virtual band – created by Blur’s Damon Albarn and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett – back with a fifth album, and I am terribly excited. It’s been an entire six years since they released their last album, The Fall. And although this opened up a vacancy in Albarn’s busy schedule to produce another Blur album – which also went down a treat –  it’s time for Gorillaz to return.

When I was 15 I also remember watching Gorillaz play Glastonbury and thinking it was the best thing ever, and who my age didn’t think the same? A cartoon band playing in front of that many people!

With the news of a new album also comes the expectancy of a tour. I will definitely be forcing my cash in the direction of anyone selling a Gorillaz ticket, even if that means having to chase them round the festival circuit – Glastonbury 2017 maybe? Yes please!

So there’s a bit of trivia for you as to why you should be more than excited about the next Gorillaz album. They are a band like no other and officially the world’s most successful virtual band according to the Guinness World Book of Records.

I cannot wait!

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