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Bournemouth Anti-Racism Peaceful Protest

Show the nation that you will not stand for intolerance at Bournemouth's peaceful protest

Are you a Bournemouth resident? Know anybody who lives there? Able to travel? Well, even if you can’t answer yes to any of those questions, there’s a feel-good event happening on Sunday.

After a recent vote you may have heard of, tensions have been higher than normal. The vote to leave the EU has had a negative impact on a portion of the British population. Reports of hate crimes have increased since Brexit won over Remain in Thursday’s referendum.

In order to fight the rise of intolerance, Bournemouth resident Poppy-Jay Palmer has arranged a peaceful protest within the Dorset town.

In an act of solidarity with the multicultural population of Bournemouth and the UK as a whole, there will be a gathering in The Square at 11am. Whether you voted Remain or Leave, we can all agree that racism and xenophobia do not represent Britain. This is a simple way of showing migrants are welcome and we appreciate their collective contribution to society.

Light showers are predicted for Sunday but please do not let that stop you showing support. You can find more details of the event, or confirm your attendance, here.

Dorset Race Equality and Bournemouth 2026 are both endorsing the event.



*CRUCIAL: We acknowledge that it is a tiny minority of Leave voters which have been participating in xenophobia. There were real reasons behind voting to leave and we respect the electorate’s decision. It’s just that hate sucks.*


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